Rotary Students Of The Month – April 2024

Three students stand in front of Rotary Banners.

Photo Provided By Deer Park Rotary Club
The high school students pictured from left to right are Tristan Davis of Riverside, Ellie Deaton of Deer Park, and Roy Greer of Mary Walker. 

The Deer Park Rotary Club members picked three students for April’s Student of the Month.

Deer Park School District
Deer Park Principal Joe Feist stated that Ellie Deaton, student of the month, is “the most improved.”  She was nominated by Tiffany Bogle, a Marketing and DECA teacher who made Ellie’s introduction to the Rotary Club. Ms. Bogle said that people didn’t look at Ellie the way they should.  Ellie was a rowdy girl with lots of confidence, and Ms. Bogle saw her potential. Ellie wasn’t dealt the easiest hand, but she’s taken things other kids didn’t have and made it her own. Ellie fell in love with the high school coffee shop, and she’s stayed there ever since. Now, three years in, she is the 5th-period manager. Ms. Bogle said, “There’s not a person I would trust with my own personal business over her.”

Reflecting on her past, Ellie admitted to a period where she struggled with negativity towards school, work, and social interactions. However, a pivotal moment in her junior year prompted a realization that she needed to change. Ellie found something she loved to do in Ms. Bogle’s class, and she was the only one who supported her.  Beyond her academic pursuits, Ellie enjoys leisure activities such as walking her dog, hiking, and swimming whenever her schedule allows. Along with school, she has worked for two and a half years to pay her bills and volunteers at a senior center.  She wants to attend community college, study radiology technology, and eventually become an ultrasound technician. 

Riverside School District
Superintendent Dr. Ken Russell introduced Riverside Student of the Month Tristan Davis.  Tristan is an example of taking advantage of opportunities provided by smaller schools like Riverside, Deer Park, and Mary Walker. Dr. Russell described Tristan as an amazing, down-to-earth, kind young man. He is more than a student; he is a friend, and he expects they will continue to be friends long after high school.  When he was a little child, Tristan wondered what going to a big school was like, but he was glad he stayed at Riverside.  He cherishes enduring friendships forged since elementary school, often feeling closer to them than even his brother. Engaging in various sports activities, including four years of football and wrestling, as well as two years each of track and soccer, Tristan embodies a well-rounded student-athlete. When pressed to name his favorite teacher, Tristan found it challenging due to his friendly nature and positive relationships with all his instructors. Ultimately, he singled out Buddy Wood, his football coach and math teacher, citing their friendship and comfortable rapport.  Outside of academics and sports, Tristan enjoys spending time with friends, skiing, and embracing outdoor activities such as lake outings and boating during summer. He commends Riverside’s administration for their dedication to student engagement, highlighting the Superintendent, Principal, and Vice Principal’s efforts to connect with students. The pervasive positive school spirit fuels Tristan’s anticipation for events like the upcoming senior prom. Tristan is looking at Montana State and Washington State for a four-year college and would like to pursue a career in some engineering area.  He thanked the club for the honor of being a Student of the Month.

Mary Walker School District
Mary Walker’s Counselor, Joe Garza, introduced Roy Greer, Mary Walker’s Student of the Month. Mr. Garza expressed admiration for Roy’s self-advocacy and accountability. Roy divides his time between Mary Walker and Spokane Community College as a Running Start participant. Roy is a three-sport athlete in football, wrestling, and track.  He said he started at the bottom of the pack and was probably the worst person on the team, but he has worked at it and greatly improved.  Roy feels his 2.9 GPA does not reflect the work and determination effort he has put in.  He has maintained As and Bs through high school and college classes.  He is in the second semester of the High Honor Roll and has been on the regular honor roll through his 9th and 11th years.  His favorite class is English with Ms. Bridges because she makes it fun.  Beyond academics, he contributes to his community by volunteering for garbage cleanup initiatives in Chewelah and Valley. For leisure, Roy indulges in activities like four-wheeling along dirt roads and playing video games. Post-college, Roy aspires to pursue a career in law enforcement, with the State Patrol as a prospective option.

What is the Deer Park Rotary Club?

The Rotary Club of Deer Park is about serving others, building relationships, and developing the next generation of leaders. Its annual fundraising events provide scholarships and educational activities for local students. In addition, every month they select and honor outstanding high school students within our community. Their programs are for more than just club members. For more information or how to make a difference in your community through Rotary, visit:

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