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Below is a link to the Deer Park Gazette Media Kit which includes all the details about ad specifications and pricing.

The deadline to submit for ad space is the 20th of the month for the next month’s issue.

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Purchase & Manage Ads

You can now purchase and manage your ads directly from our website. Use the following links to quickly get started.

Ad Sizes

Display ads in the Deer Park Gazette provide top of mind awareness.
We have a wide variety of sizes and placements available.

Print Display Ads Sizes

Print ads can be in either black and white or color.
We have various sizing available:

Full Page Ad, up to 80 column inches.
Half Page Ad, up to 40 column inches.
1/3 Page Ad, up to 27 column inches.
Quarter Page Ad, up to 21 column inches.
1/6 page ad, up to 13.5 column inches.
1/8 Page Ad, up to 10 column inches.
1/10 Page Ad, up to 8 column inches.
Business Plus, up to 6 column inches.
Business Card, up to 4.5 column inches.

Print Ad Dimensions

The number of column inches for an ad is found using this equation:
Number of Columns Wide X Inches Tall

1 Column = 1.86 inches wide
2 Columns = 3.9 inches wide
3 Columns = 5.93 inches wide
4 Columns = 7.96 inches wide
5 Columns = 10 inches wide

Print & Online Ads

Several options are available in both print and online including directory ads, sponsored articles, and wide skyscraper or leaderboard ads. Take a look at our media kit for detailed information.

Available Advertisements

Business Directory Ads

Choose a one column or a two column ad. Ads are 1 or 2 columns wide by 2 inches tall.

Display Ads

Available Online & in Print. Online ads are available in a Wide Skyscraper or a Leaderboard size.


Online & Print.

Sponsored Articles

Writing and editing services are also available upon request.


Online & Print.

Classified Ads


For First 20 Words

Preferred Placement is an extra 25%.

$.10 for each additional word.

Directory Ads

The printed version includes several directories, including Business, Health, Faith, and Real Estate. The Deer Park Gazette website includes a directory page listing all businesses with a link to a dedicated page with more details about each business. These ads can be purchased in two sizing options: one column wide by two inches tall or two columns wide by two inches tall.

Directory is listed alphabetically,
with featured ads first.

*Directory ads are billed in 6-month increments. One month is free when you pay for 11 months.

Sponsored Articles

Share important news about your businesses from a Grand Opening to Employee Promotions or new Products and Services. Sponsored articles are published in print and online; they are also distributed via our social channels on Facebook and Instagram. Writing and editing services are also available upon request.

Deer Park Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Month: CDPHS: Clayton/Deer Park Historical Society

Deer Park Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Month: CDPHS: Clayton/Deer Park Historical Society

The Clayton/Deer Park Historical Society (CDPHS) was formed in 2003 as part of an effort to save the Clayton School building which was said to be surplus property by the School Board and was being put up for sale.

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Tech Tips: Updated New Internet Option – Starlink

Tech Tips: Updated New Internet Option – Starlink

Internet options in Deer Park are limited. Starlink is unlike other internet providers, and will be the new best option for many. Now some Deer Park residents have been added to the growing beta group.

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Deer Park Dental

Deer Park Dental

Everyone needs good oral care, but in today’s age affordable dentistry can be hard to find. Dr. Sandy Fletcher Montano DDS, or Dr. Sandy to his patients, opened up Deer Park Dental on July 4th of this year. It was previously known as Dr. Clark Christoffersen’s Dental Office.

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Get out and play Deer Park!

Get out and play Deer Park!

Help support your local economy as we fundraise together to build tourism in the downtown area. Better Together!

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$0.30 a word for print and online includes 1 photo. Extra photos $10. Writing & Editing services available upon request. To comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations, all sponsored articles are identified with a disclaimer.

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