Animal Sanctuary Receives Winter Blessing

Recently, representatives from Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary (CVAS) attended a luncheon held in honor of Winter Blessing recipients. Over 300 non-profit nominees were in the running for the 10 blessings of $1,000 each.  CVAS was chosen, and Jeff Hall, Board of Directors President, received the check on behalf of CVAS. This is an award given by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and Stephens Media Group.

CVAS is a small, non-profit animal rescue.  They work primarily with cats and dogs, but have on occasion sheltered a rabbit or other random type of critter.  The Deer Park Gazette has repeatedly had their animals as a Featured Adoptable Pet.

 CVAS is beyond grateful for the receipt of this wonderful gift, and although the funds will go a long way toward helping the animals and community, $1,000 will be used up quickly.

About CVAS

Currently CVAS has just under 30 cats onsite, with an additional 5 in outside foster care. At this time they are unable to house dogs onsite, as their dog building was cost prohibitive to heat through the winter. They do have a small foster care network, but can always use more volunteers to help house and care for these animals. 

A spokesperson for Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary says that they receive no government funding.  “We are operated 100% by the generosity of the public and any grants we receive.” Their office is run by volunteers with 1 part time paid animal staff employee. Additionally, when possible, CVAS has a pet food bank for those in need who struggle to feed their animals. Recently, however, they have had to cut down  how many people and pets they help, as the pet food is supplied completely by donation, and those donations have been in short supply.

Donations & Learning More

Monetary donations are always welcome and can be made online through their website or by mail.  Pet food gifts are also appreciated. 

If you would like to visit the sanctuary in person, they request that you set up an appointment to make sure that someone will be available to help you with either donations, adoptions, or surrenders. 

CVAS is located at 501 Old Arden Highway, Colville, Washington.

For more information, contact CVAS:
Phone: 509-684-1475 
Email: [email protected] 

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