Featured Adoptable Pet: Barn Cats

Name: Barn Cat Program
Breed: Domestic
Age:  6m – Adult
Size:  small – large
Energy:  High/Feisty

Spay/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Yes
Dewormed: Yes

Rescue: Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary
Contact: 509-684-1475 or [email protected]


Fall is here and winter is coming, which means cooler temperatures, and the need for barn cats!  Barn cats are working cats, not snuggle up on your lap in front of a fire while you drink a hot beverage type cats.  These feisty felines are there to keep unwanted pests out of your home, barn, and yard!  

At CVAS, for only $100 we do all of the following: we deliver a temporary enclosure, set up, drop off 2-3 cats (fixed, ear tipped, up to date on shots). The enclosure setup is to let the cats know that they are now home.  During this time you feed them, and change a litter box, but don’t let them out. In a couple weeks, CVAS will return to remove enclosure, and leave mighty hunters with you. 

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