Avista Is Building For The Future

On November 29, Avista broke ground for a new service center. The address for the new building is 2301 East Sixth Street, located in the industrial park near the airport. This fresh construction took its first steps within the city limits of Deer Park with a Ground Breaking Ceremony. Frank Binder, Avista Operations manager, spoke at this special ceremony about the “What” and Why” behind the new construction.

Reading about Avista’s history you will quickly discover that the company has a culture of acting proactively. This has contributed to the company’s ability to be on a solid business and service foundation. From a humble origin powering a mere handful of street lamps in the late nineteenth century, to maintaining a whole array of wind turbines and several hydroelectric dams. The 24,000 square foot service center will help accommodate the growing needs of the communities of Deer Park, Cobert, Chattaroy, Elk, Clayton and Loon Lake. Along with the new, larger building, Avista will be updating major components, systems and equipment. This new infrastructure will allow Avista to meet the electrical needs of an additional 34,000 customers over the current load of the 16,500 it is serving now.

This new construction will also allow Avista cost savings with the added increase in efficiency and production capabilities. The new site will provide better protection for their service vehicles increasing their longevity. Selecting ZBA Architecture and Baker Construction, Avista has helped to stimulate the local economy.  This construction will also benefit the local customer base by providing faster more efficient service especially in times of weather related outages.

Frank Binder acknowledge several individuals who contributed to the establishment of this building project.  These people included Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Mayor Wisman, the Deer Park City Council, Penny Loomis, Doug Knight, Marty Wold, and Joe Tortorelli.

For over 128 years, Avista has been building relationships with neighbors, companies, and the communities in the area. This new service center is Avista’s latest example of building for the future. Avista is currently in the process of being acquired by Hydro One. The acquisition is pending approval by legal authorities.

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