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Construction Starts Monday On Loon Lake Roundabout

Update: WSDOT has announced that due to labor issues the roundabout portion of the project will not start until September. The repaving portion of the project is still schedule to start August 15th. 

The project for the intersection of Highway 395 and State Route 292/Gardenspot Road in Loon Lake starts next week. Travelers will deal with four different stages of detours for the first 15 days of the project.

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It’s Roundabout Time for Loon Lake

Whether it causes you to cheer or cringe, another roundabout is coming to 395. This one will be placed at the intersection of Highway 395 and State Route 292/Gardenspot Road in Loon Lake.

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Loonsday 2021 T-shirt Design Contest

Your work can be immortalized if you take up the Loonsday race design challenge to showcase your talent.
The Loonsday race organizers are having a t-shirt design contest! The winning designer will win $100 and their design will be used on all the finisher tees and sweatshirts.

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Christmas Cavalcade

Youngsters and their parents began arriving at Legacy Farm and Stable early on December 19th to decorate horses. They came from a wide area over Stevens and Spokane counties. Once all 15 steeds had been decked in their festive best, the cavalcade (formal procession) departed the stable. Taking a route often used for the trail riding program at Legacy Farm and Stable, then crossing Highway 292, the group proceeded to Colville Road. There the caroling began. An advance team went ahead on an ATV to knock on doors and let people know the riders were coming. Many residents were excited to come stand outside in the cold and take pictures and sing along.

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Washington State Referendum 90

Peoples’ Response to Sex Education Bill

After passing the state legislature, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law a comprehensive bill that would require all K-12 schools across Washington to teach sexual education to their students. Since the passing of the bill in late March, there has been a strong response across Washington that has resulted in a movement to repeal the new law.

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Loonsday 2020 Goes Informal

The annual Loonsday Walk, previously rescheduled for August 1st, has been officially cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  “This will be the first time in

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Church Services To Go

Clayton Community Church
In-person services resume May 31st at 10:30am
Up-to-date information available at FB.me/ClaytonCommunityChurchwa

Deer Park
Williams Valley Mennonite Church
In-person service resumes May 31st at 10am
Sermons can be found online at

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