WinterFest 2024 Schedule Update

The Deer Park WinterFest 2024 schedule has been recently revised due to sub-zero temperatures impacting outdoor events. Nevertheless, the indoor events are proceeding as scheduled.

WinterFest 2024’s Frostbite 5K Footrace and 1 Mile Fun Run will experience a delay this morning.

  • Check-in for the races is between 1:30pm-2:15pm. 
  • The 1 Mile Fun Run will kick off at 2pm 
  • The 5K Frostbite Footrace at 2:30pm 

Attendees should dress appropriately for the weather.

Regrettably, the anticipated OutHouse Races, initially intended to bring a lighthearted element, were canceled due to safety concerns arising from the extreme temperatures. This decision underscores a commitment to prioritizing participant well-being in all event planning.

Importantly, despite the changes to the outdoor schedule, WinterFest 2024’s indoor activities are proceeding as planned, ensuring that the community can continue to enjoy the festivities despite the challenging weather conditions.

View the WinterFest’s updated schedule at the Deer Park Gazettes calendar event page.

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