WinterFest 2024: The Lindhs’ Honored Citizens

Amy and Jay Lindh at the his Deer Park law office.

Meet Jay and Amy Lindh, honored citizens at WinterFest 2024. This couple’s active involvement in the community reflects their sincere commitment to the welfare of Deer Park.

The WinterFest 2024 Honored Citizens award is going to Jay and Amy Lindh. Deeply committed to the well-being of their community, the Lindhs’ notable service and unwavering dedication have resulted in a substantial contribution to the betterment of our local area. 

Jay and Amy share a special connection with Deer Park, having grown up in the area and graduated from Deer Park High School. Little did they know that their paths would intertwine romantically after high school. Jay and Amy exchanged vows on August 3rd, 1991, beginning a partnership that would navigate life’s challenges and evolve into a beautiful journey of companionship.

Jay and Amy ventured beyond the borders of Deer Park, exploring new horizons and creating a life together. However, the Lindhs faced familial obligations that would draw them back to their roots. With their parents experiencing health challenges, Jay and Amy decided to return to Deer Park. 

With the addition of their two sons, Dane and Drew, Jay and Amy became active members of the Deer Park community. Their involvement in various community events showcases their commitment to family and their dedication to the city’s well-being.

The Lindhs find motivation to volunteer their time and skills in the genuine joy they experience by serving the community. Their dedication stems from a heartfelt desire to contribute positively to the well-being of those around them. Upon learning that they were to be honored with the title of Honored Citizens for the 2024 WinterFest, Jay and Amy felt a deep sense of honor and gratitude. 

The couple has actively participated in the Deer Park Kiwanis, dedicating their time to supporting the local youth. They volunteered as chaperones for Deer Park Key Club events, assisted in fitting helmets for school-aged children to promote bike safety, and contributed to various activities in the Deer Park community. Amy has also volunteered numerous hours with ARC, Camp Fire, and Camp DartLo. 

When questioned about the challenges of volunteering, Jay recalled a particular year during Settlers Day when the Deer Park Kiwanis not only managed the food booth but also took on an additional booth. Despite the exhaustion at the end of the day, he expressed a sense of fulfillment, believing the effort invested was worthwhile.

In her nomination letter, Julie Ives, who put forward the couple, expressed, “Jay and Amy’s focus on the Deer Park Community and the youth in the community has been a natural response. Their selfless dedication is second to none!”

Jay has been running a law firm in Deer Park for numerous years, situated at 110 W Crawford St, Suite E, where he specializes in Estate Planning. Meanwhile, Amy, well-known to many as a Deer Park School District educator, has been dedicated to shaping young minds for years. Jay emphasizes that their active engagement in the community has significantly influenced both his personal and professional life. 

Beyond their roles in law and education, community involvement provides opportunities for people to see Jay and Amy outside their regular professional spheres, fostering better connections with those they serve in their respective jobs. This engagement allows for a more relatable and personable connection with the community they serve.

Jay and Amy take pride in the accomplishments of their sons, who grew up in Deer Park. Amy fondly recalls introducing them to Kiwanis meetings early on, instilling in them the value of volunteering for the community’s betterment. Dane has pursued a career in culinary arts as a chef, and Drew has followed in his mother’s footsteps in the field of education. In recent months, the couple has had to step away from volunteer work due to health concerns; however, that has not dimmed their smiles or their desire to serve those around them. WinterFest 2024 honors Jay and Amy Lindh not just for their achievements but for the collective impact they have had on Deer Park. 

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