Unraveling The Christmas Lights Parade Incident

During the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, an arrest was made at City Hall. Rumors have swirled across social media regarding the events of the night. The event organizers are planning changes to improve safety in the following years.

In an unexpected twist at the Deer Park Hometown Holiday & Christmas Tree Lighting event, festivities took a disruptive turn when a man was arrested for Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree. The incident involved a clash between Colby Morris, who was riding a bicycle in the parade with the group from Bicycles By Deron, and a driver passing by, resulting in damage to the driver’s truck and a heated exchange.

A group of bicycle riders illuminated with Christmas lights were headed to the staging location for the parade. Morris brought up the back of the group and used hand signals to indicate that the group was about to turn left. A driver traveling in the same direction decided to pass the group on the left. According to Morris, he desperately tried to signal for the driver to stop. In a quick, decisive action, he threw his bike in the truck’s path with the objective of protecting the kids in front of them. The bicycle hit the truck and was partially run over. From all reports, the driver stopped after the impact of the bicycle on the truck.

As a result, there was a heated argument between the driver and Morris. According to the redacted Sheriff’s report, the driver accused Morris of brandishing a weapon. The Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies responded by arresting Morris when they located him at City Hall after the parade. The Deputy’s report states there was no evidence that a weapon was shown in a threatening gesture by either party. Also, everyone interviewed by the Deputy stated Morris did not make any threats with his weapon. As a result, all charges against Morris were dropped. 

The driver reported an estimated $400 worth of damage to his truck. Bicycles By Deron was able to repair the damage to Morris’s bike.

Everyone involved agreed that the incident could have been avoided had the streets been closed to traffic. The incident was brought up at the following scheduled city council meeting after,. It was pointed out that the streets are closed for the Settlers Day Parade but not for the Christmas Lights Parade. Mayor Tim Verzal indicated that he was aware and that changes would be made.


  • Redacted Report From Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
  • Interview with Colby Morris
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