Top 10 Articles Of 2023

File photos provided by the Deer Park Gazette Editorial Team, the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, and Spokane County.

What insights do the most read articles from 2023 reveal about Deer Park? The top 10 comprises a diverse range of topics, covering everything from saving money to shopping locally to incidents such as crashes and arrests, along with classic local events make the list.

  1. Powerful Savings For Avista Customers
    Avista’s My Energy Discount program offers personalized bill discounts to eligible Washington customers based on their yearly household income and size. The program aims to lower energy bills, providing more financial flexibility to participants.

  2. Aircraft Crash Lands At Deer Park Airport; No Injuries
    A vintage aircraft unexpectedly skidded off the primary runway at Deer Park Airport, but miraculously, no injuries were reported. The cause was a wheel brake lock-up during landing. As the main runway awaits clearance from the NTSB for moving the aircraft, operations have shifted to the alternate runway.

  3. Grand Opening Announced For Tractor Supply
    Tractor Supply Company tackles the rumor weed with its vast assortment of products. In a recent press release, the company officially confirmed the dates of their grand opening. There will also be a soft opening to allow shoppers to get supplies for their summer holidays.

  4. Unraveling The Christmas Lights Parade Incident
    During the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, an arrest was made at City Hall. Rumors have swirled across social media regarding the events of the night. The event organizers are planning changes to improve safety in the following years.

  5. Clayton Rodeo 2023
    Get ready for thrilling broncs, bulls, and barrels at the Clayton Rodeo competitors can now register to ride, and vendors are welcome to participate. Take advantage of this exciting family event in the great outdoors.

  6. House Fire & Fatality 400 East A Street
    House fire & fatality at a Deer Park home across from City Hall. Avoid Stevens & A Street, as the fire response is still in progress.

  7. Annexations Done & More To Come
    Expanding the Deer Park city limits is the result of a recent annexation request that was expedited by the city council. Another expansion is in the works, but moving at a slower pace.

  8. SWAT At Deer Park Apartments
    SWAT made an arrest Friday morning of David Allen, a suspected bank robber at Mission Court Apartments. He has been booked into Spokane County Jail.

  9. Dalton Murder Arrest
    Breaking: Detectives Identify and Charge Deer Park Homicide Suspect with Murder 1st Degree, Burglary 1st Degree. Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Major Crime Detectives continued their investigation and developed probable cause to charge 37-year-old Gary B. Ault with Murder 1st Degree and Burglary 1st Degree in the death of 83-year-old Richard Purdy on December 26, 2022.

  10. Child Dies Of Accidental Shooting In Deer Park Area
    In a devastating turn of events, Major Crimes Detectives from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office are currently probing a fatal shooting in the Deer Park area that claimed a child’s life, leaving a family in grief.

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