Travis Hanson Mead District’s New Superintendent

Photo of Superintendent Travis Hanson at the Deer Park School District Board of Directors’ meeting, on January 23rd.

The Mead School District Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Travis Hanson as the district’s next superintendent, effective July 1, 2023. Hanson will be taking over from the departing Superintendent, Shawn Woodward.

Hanson is currently serving as the Deer Park School District Superintendent and has held this position since 2013. He has a long-standing connection to the Mead School District, having graduated from Mead High School in 1990 and returning to teach there in 1996. Hanson also worked as a Curriculum & Technology Specialist at Mead’s District Office before becoming the Superintendent of Deer Park School District.

The Mead Board of Directors searched for the next superintendent and received input from the community through a recent survey. After reviewing the feedback and considering various candidates for the position, the Board unanimously selected Hanson, who was previously a finalist for the role four years ago.

Hanson expressed his gratitude for being selected as the next superintendent and his eagerness to return to Mead. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to return to Mead and look forward to being a part of the exciting things being done every day both inside and outside the classroom. I have fond memories of my time as both a student and teacher in Mead and will work tirelessly to ensure young people continue to experience all that has made a Mead education special.” Hanson said.


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