Proposed School Director District Boundary Changes

Deer Park School District Proposed Board Districts as Approximated Using Census 2020 Geography
Graphic Provided By: Deer Park School District

The Deer Park School District is taking steps to ensure equitable representation on its school board by proposing changes to its director district boundaries based on the latest census data.

The Deer Park School District (DPSD) is proposing changes to the boundaries of its director districts to ensure equitable geographic representation on its school board. The proposed changes are based on the latest census data and aim to balance the populations of each district so that they have approximately 3,100 residents. This is necessary after every U.S. Census to ensure fair representation and account for any population changes.

The DPSD is divided into four geographic regions, each called a “director district,” as well as one “At Large” seat. The At Large director can be elected from anywhere within district boundaries, while candidates for school board must run for the seat of the director district they live in. Creating four equal director districts ensures geographic diversity on the school board.

In October 2022, the district began work with Sammamish Data Systems and ESD 101 to develop a proposal for new director district boundaries based on the latest census data. While Deer Park may experience significant changes in population in particular director districts in the coming years due to significant residential development already underway, only minor tweaks are necessary at this time.

A presentation and public hearing on the proposed changes will be held at the March 27th, 2023, school board meeting, which begins at 6 pm. The DPSD Director District Proposal is available online at Assuming there are no dissenting comments or perceived need to make changes, the presentation and proposal will be considered a “first reading” of the proposal. Should additional time be required to contemplate comments made in the public hearing, the first reading of the proposed boundaries would move to the April 10th meeting of the Board of Directors. The second reading of the proposal and potential adoption of the proposal is scheduled for the April 24th, 2023, board meeting.

It is important to note that these changes only affect school board elections and not the schools themselves. The proposed changes will ensure that each director district is equally represented and that all residents have a fair say in the decision-making process for the Deer Park School District.


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