Warning Letter Regarding Crawford Construction

A warning was recently sent via mail about construction on Crawford, that would force property sales and business property demolition. The letter explained that Crawford would be widened due to growth and traffic and that State Farm insurance would be relocating. 

Word traveled fast, and people wanted answers. State Farm, owned by Billy Costello, located on Main street, received many phone calls seeking clarification and offering support. In response, he went on Facebook to address the issue. The simple answer is no they are not moving. 

What about the roads widening on Crawford? Deer Park City Hall and Councilmembers also received their own surge of phone calls. Councilman Caleb Stapp posted a video on Facebook that confirmed no plans or actions are in place to widen Crawford or Main Streets. During the later part of summer, several streets will be resurfaced to prevent potholes. Crawford is part of that resurfacing project. However, no businesses will be displaced as a result. 

The letter writer, a local realtor, has said they will be sending out a correction shortly. They are very apologetic about the confusion that was caused. One of the things that the letter correctly identifies is how close-knit the community is, and the response of support of local business owners is proof of that. We are all humans and make mistakes. Therefore, it is crucial to give grace and learn from the mistakes we all make.




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