Cloverleaf Education is Going Non-Profit

Cloverleaf Education is taking the steps to become a non-profit organization. 

The program has been focused on distance learning, homeschool support, individual tutoring, and sponsorships of STEAM-based clubs such as Technology Club (focused primarily on computer programming and engineering). 

Currently, the Summer STEAM camps are in session, with July being Science month and August being devoted to the Arts. 

With a non-profit status, Cloverleaf will be able to expand programming and offer more affordable and accessible learning opportunities for the young people in Deer Park. In an effort to help this process move forward, there is a Fundraiser Rummage Sale set for August 14 from 8:30 to 3 p.m. at the Pickett Fence Coffee Shop located at 24 E. Crawford St. in Deer Park. 

Cloverleaf is currently accepting donations for this Rummage Sale. 

They want to thank the local community for their support! 

Save The Dates!

Cloverleaf Fundraiser Rummage Sale

Date: August 14th
Time: 8:30am to 3pm
Where: Pickett Fence
24 E. Crawford St. in Deer Park

To learn more or enroll, contact, or visit their location:

Open weekdays 9am – 5pm 

Phone: 509-999-4691

Location: 3 ½ Main St Deer Park, Upstairs


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