Voices About Barking Dogs & Circling Airplanes

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February proved to be a month for Deer Park to speak out! We received more Letters to the Editor this month than any previous month.  Each letter was sincere, well thought out, and insightful. Due to the sheer volume of responses about barking dogs and airplanes, we’ve decided to consolidate the responses.  Full versions of the letters will appear on DPGazette.com

Barking Dogs

Cindy S. was one of the first voices we heard at the beginning of February.  She had been suffering not only from her neighbor’s dogs barking, but also perceived threats from the animals’ owners, from blocking her driveway to making rude gestures at her grandkids. She said,

“My neighbors and I contacted City Hall and complained and we were referred to SCRAPS.” She then went on to say they filled out logs per SCRAPS requirements, but were then asked to cease doing so. “They did not want to hear from us until [the] dog has 4 paws over the fence,” Cindy said. 

Circling Airplanes

The next half dozen letters we received were directly tied to the complaints about airplane noise. 

Comments ranged from how long the airport has been a fixture in Deer Park to that suggestion that it’s no secret that there are small planes in the air frequently. With the current and future plans to expand the airport, the flight frequency and noise will not be going away any time soon, and in fact, will likely increase over the next few years. 

Bob Jespersen, J and J Smith, Karen I., and Cary Corbin all shared great insight about the airport and the vital part it plays in our community, from the economic impact to the fact that the fireboss fire fighting planes are based there. 

J and J Smith and Karen I. both made comments about taking joy in seeing the airplanes fly overhead.  “I wish I could have heard the activity of the large planes that flew to victory in WW II,” said Cary Corbin.

There’s always more than one side to any story, always another perspective.  In this time of continued high stress and tensions, now is the time to think of others and be considerate. 

Thank you to EVERYONE who wrote a letter to the editor this month.  We love to hear from you, and when possible, share your thoughts with the community.  

If you would like to read the full letters, they can be found on our website.  Go to: DPGazette.com/lte

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