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These last twelve months have been a year of “Aw.” Moments and events have gone from Awful to Awesome and back again. Throughout these strange times, the community has taken a stand to help their neighbors, and subsequently had incredible impacts toward making our area better.

The Awful
We all know the fear, loss of life, and resulting shutdown. Many already struggling businesses and individuals were out of work. Each individual has felt loss during this time, from the loss of a loved one, to a sport, or the simple ability to be in a social setting. At this time we still don’t know the full health impact, either of COVID-19 itself or the mental and emotional consequences of the last year.

The Awesome
When times became tough, many groups rose to the challenge. We Heart Deer Park and Meals on Wheels have worked hard to deliver needed meals and supplies to residents around the area. The newly formed Deer Park Quaranteam purchased many meals to provide free food and support local restaurants just in time for Christmas. You can read our original story about the Quaranteam online at:

All this to say, even when we’re down, we’re not out. We can work together and if everyone gives a little, together we will have much.

The Gazette is additionally thankful for our generous Patrons who rallied to help support our paper. Their support, both financially and with affirmations, has been fantastic. We continue to appreciate your backing. If you would like to become a patron, please visit

The Awe
Our youngest fans have become our heroes. Their letters, 6 word stories, and Jr. Contributor artwork has all been so encouraging. The Christmas Coloring Contest has always been a highlight of the year for us. These all serve as a reminder that this is a major reason we persevere and continue to do what we do.

Thank you everyone,
Deer Park Gazette Staff

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