Cookies, Coffee, and Candidates

Have you ever had a desire to meet your local election candidates and get answers to your most pressing questions?

On October 18th, 2019, at 7pm there will be a “Cookies, Coffee, and Candidates” town hall meeting, where the audience will be able to ask questions of the 2019 Deer Park City Council candidates. Join your community in the Training Room of the Deer Park School District Administration Building (Homelink) 428 N Main Street. 

The meeting will also be live streamed on The Deer Park Gazette’s Facebook page, where viewers will also be able to get answers to their questions.

Looking for more answers to your questions? In addition to this event, the candidates also held a forum at the Deer Park Chamber City Council Luncheon on Wednesday, September 17th. You can view the video of the event at: The Deer Park Gazette is supported by sponsors and patrons.  Advertising alone does not support the Deer Park Gazette. If you appreciate the video streams, please become a patron by visiting 

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