“Re: Of Barking Dogs and Circling planes” Letter to the Editor – Mary F.

In response to “Of Barking Dogs and Circling planes” article in your December 2020 issue, my husband and I can sympathize with William S.

We moved here to the Deer Park area in October, 2008; bought 20 acres; and were assured we would have peace and quiet…..NOT SO!!!! Since 2009 we have been inundated with small airplane noise..just like William S. said, “circling, turning, climbing, and gliding” for anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour right over our place. On some days it will happen numerous times. With binoculars and a scope my husband learned who was flying over…thus a call to Moody Bible Institute.

My husband contacted FAA to inquire as to why we were having so much small plane noise. FAA informed him that Moody Bible Institute out of Chicago was running a flight school out of Felt’s Field; thus coming over us to train. He also disclosed that Deer Park Airport hosts Deer Park Aviation and Northwest Flight Service; both of these companies also running flight schools. In speaking with numerous Deer Park residents; the general public is unaware that this is where these companies do their training. FAA did nothing to help us; after NUMEROUS phone calls to them…they basically snubbed their nose at us, siding with the flight school companies. Soon after that initial phone call, Moody Bible Institute came by our place and spoke with my husband. He explained what they do and offered to take my husband up for a ride so he could see exactly what they do.

My husband informed him that he did not want any plane ride; but would appreciate it if they would try and fly elsewhere. Ever since then, we have been what we consider as being “harassed” by these flight school aircraft. It appears that the flight instructors are bored to death with their job, flying in an airplane all day running around in circles; so they harass those that complain about their noise. ` must have spread the word amongst pilots, that we did not appreciate all the small plane noise, cause now some of the locals also harass us. These flight school companies fly over, then hover, circle, climb, then shut their engine off, followed by gliding low; then they hit the throttle and make as much noise as they can. And just so you know how we know who harasses us; I have taken thousands of photos of these planes as they come by; and I can read the number on the side of the airplane. Once you have the number you can look that number up on Spokane FAA’s website and see who owns the plane.

Here is FAA’s Mission as found on their website:

“Our Mission

Our continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

Our Vision

We strive to reach the next level of safety and efficiency and to demonstrate global leadership in how we safely integrate new users and technologies into our aviation system. We are accountable to the American public and our aviation stakeholders.

Our Values

Safety is our passion. We work so all air and space travelers arrive safely at their destinations. Excellence is our promise. We seek results that embody professionalism, transparency and accountability. Integrity is our touchstone. We perform our duties honestly, with moral soundness, and with the highest level of ethics. People are our strength. Our success depends on the respect, diversity, collaboration, and commitment of our workforce. Innovation is our signature. We foster creativity and vision to provide solutions beyond today’s boundaries.”

Do you really think they stand up to their mission, vision, and values?

William S. – We sympathize with you; and totally feel your pain! Mary F.

To read William S letter to the editor go to News.dpgazette.com/2021/01/of-barking-dogs-and-circling-planes/

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