Letter to the Editor – Pat M.

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I totally agree with the December 2020 letter from William S. regarding noise pollution.

When did we lose our manners, our consideration for others? When did we decide it is okay to let our dogs bark or carry on for hours on end? When did we decide to let our children scream loudly in stores or in our yards?  Probably about the same time we decided to target practice at 7am, or run leaf blowers, lawn mowers, or chainsaws before our neighbors are up. Probably about the same time we decided, “why close a door if you can slam it”, which goes over especially well inside apartment complexes.  About the same time we decided it is okay to smoke cigarettes in our apartment and damage our neighbors’ health. The same time we decided to smoke pot in our apartment or in our car and make others sick with the vile smell. About the same time we put boomboxes in our cars, so other drivers can be stuck in traffic and feel their cars vibrate while we enjoy our music. Stereos don’t have to annoy others. That’s what headphones are for.

Could it be that people suffer from a “lack of awareness of self” and they don’t know they are making too much noise, or are they making noise to get attention because they are lonely?

Class breeding, intelligence, grace, and manners, have gone out the window along with the idea that “you don’t have to make noise to get attention.” 

You can report barking dogs to SCRAPS and they will get involved.  Hope that helps.

Pat M.

To read William S letter to the editor go to News.dpgazette.com/2021/01/of-barking-dogs-and-circling-planes/

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