Of Barking Dogs and Circling Planes

Would you park your vehicle 12” alongside another?  Would you allow the door to close in front of a person in a wheelchair?  Would you blare your music from your house late at night when you know your neighbor is trying to sleep?  The obvious answer to these questions is NO!  Because of our respect and courtesy toward our fellow citizens we wouldn’t think of performing such ignorant acts.  There are no laws prohibiting these actions, but we all know that society functions better when we’re all considerate, respectful and courteous toward one another.

Over the past few years there has been an increasing presence of airplanes circling about.  I’ve heard there’s a company operating out of the Deer Park Airport that’s schooling pilots.  That may or may not be true, nor should it make a difference.  The crux of the problem though is that the airplanes pass over my house repeatedly, circling and turning, climbing and gliding for quite some time.  Sometimes it’s when I’m still sleeping early in the morning, sometimes it’s when I’m trying to enjoy time outdoors with my family.  Whoever it is that is flying these planes please think about the peace that you’re disrupting for your fellow citizens.  Your hobby or business of flying airplanes should not infringe upon our right of peaceful living.  Can you at least find a place to practice your maneuvers in an area that’s not populated?

We all have neighbors – some of them closer than others.  Many of us have neighbors with dogs.  I have a dog myself.  With a few exceptions, none of us would allow our dog to bark incessantly for an hour at a time.  When my dog’s barking, I get up and see what she’s barking at and then I tell her to be quiet.  She complies.  Dogs are smart.  They learn what we want.  When I lay down at night, especially in the summer when I have my window open to allow some cool air inside, I have to lay there for sometimes up to an hour listening to my neighbor’s dog bark.  It’s typically 30-40 barks per minute!  Trust me.  I know!  Who allows their dog to bark for such a long time?  It’s incredible!  The dogs even bark at me when I’m walking across my own yard.  Do you care about your neighbor’s quality of life?  Can you take responsibility for teaching your dog manners?  Can you not hear your dog barking?  I know you’re home.  Let me tell you – your dog is not barking at intruders.  Your dog is not barking at wild animals.  Wild animals are smart too.  They don’t keep approaching barking dogs at night.  They have better things to do — like eat!  I’ve lived in the country for my whole life.  Never have I had a neighbor nor heard of a neighbor with a dog that barked so indiscriminately.  If I lived in a city, there’s actually ordinances governing these things.  For a good reason!  Please, people…please keep your dogs from barking incessantly.  Whether it’s in the summer or winter nobody wants to listen to your dogs barking.  Please show some courtesy toward your neighbors.

Barking dogs.  Circling airplanes.  To those responsible for the noise associated with these items, please, out of respect for your neighbors and fellow citizens please be courteous.  Don’t act ignorantly toward your neighbors and fellow citizens.  I have taught my children to always think about how your actions, or lack thereof, effect others.  This world is always better when we think of others.  Thank you.

-William S.

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