Letter To The Editor – Karen I.

Typewriter with paper reading "Letters to the Editor"

After reading your January issue article about Barking Dogs and Circling planes, I wonder if the couple did any research before moving here.

The airport has been in existence since 1944 and will continue to grow. Why would anyone move near an airport and then complain about the airplane activity?  The pilot training does include flight patterns that are not in a straight line. As our city grows, so will the airport activity. The history of the airport is very interesting – guess why we have a road named Missile Site Road.

We live less than 5 miles from the airport. We don’t think of the plane activity as noise. It’s fun to see the variety of planes and helicopters flying over.

Barking Dogs can be a nuisance but one of the reasons we moved onto a property with 10 acres is because we wanted distance from other barking dogs as well as give our dogs a bit of room to bark at the deer, turkeys, moose, and coyotes. Not to mention they let us know when someone drives up our private road.

People out here will do target practicing and/or use their rifles to get rid of coyotes and other livestock predators. It comes with the territory.

Circling planes and perhaps barking dogs will not go away. So time to either move or make peace with the fact that you have moved into a rural area…this isn’t Spokane or Seattle.

Karen I.


To read the William S. letter called “Barking Dogs and Circling Planes” to the editor go to: DPGazette.com/nigrp

To read the letter from Mary F. go here: DPGazette.com/r6hhh

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Typewriter with paper reading "Letters to the Editor"

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