Letter To The Editor – J and J Smith

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In response to the two letters in the January 2021 edition “Of Barking Dogs and Circling Planes”.   

We moved here in 2003, my husband was from the area originally but put many years in the Marine Corp, and worked after that for a time.  We live about a mile and half south of the Deer Park Airport.  Being a military family we, lived on bases or very close.  Airplanes, helicopters, and heavy artillery practice was the norm.  We never had an issue with the noise.  We used to set outside and watch the Marines and Navy pilot’s practice, now we sit on our deck and watch the planes and gliders and whatever else is up in the sky and enjoy it.  The Fire planes are necessary in our area and we think of them as angels.   

Many of these Airports like which is in our area were built in WW2, and were used for training and practice and now are vital and necessary to the local economy.   

As for the barking dogs, most of us are guilty of that but shut the windows and turn the air conditioner on.   

J and J Smith 

To read the William S. letter called “Barking Dogs and Circling Planes” to the editor go to: DPGazette.com/nigrp

To read the letter from Mary F. go here: DPGazette.com/r6hhh

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