Letter To The Editor – Bob Jespersen

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I think it is important to not link the issue of noisy dogs and airplane noise.  The Deer Park Airport is an amazing asset to our community! Fabulous air shops, several airplanes related businesses, a terrific base for firefighting aircraft, and more.  The Airport has really put Deer Park on the map for many years!

Anyone moving into an area should do the in depth research to learn what will impact their home and life. The Airport has a very long, positive history in the area and needs to be celebrated. Airplanes make noise. That comes with the territory. A person doesn’t build next to a dairy and then demand that the dairy stop smelling like a dairy. A person doesn’t build next to a railroad and the expect that the trains will be quiet. A person doesn’t build next to an elementary school and expect that the children will not be making noise during recess periods. The list goes on! 

Complaining will no doubt fill some need.  But please admit that you did not do your homework to find out about the Airport and its operation.

I am very glad that the Airport is there and doing well!

Dog barking is an issue that does not related to the airport. Address it separately. 

Bob Jespersen 

To read the William S. letter called “Barking Dogs and Circling Planes” to the editor go to: DPGazette.com/nigrp

To read the letter from Mary F. go here: DPGazette.com/r6hhh

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