Letter To The Editor – Cary Corbin

Typewriter with paper reading "Letters to the Editor"

In response to “Barking Dogs and Circling Planes” letters:

We moved to Deer Park in 2014.  We knew from the time of the land purchase that we were near an airport and would have low flying planes over our house.  They are no bother to us at all, regardless of the type of plane or the time of the flights.

I have loved airplanes and aviation from a very early age.  When my grandson was little and visiting we would go outside to watch the planes fly over.  I had shown him pictures of various planes, some from WW II.  His favorite phrase (at 3 years old) was “I think it’s a Spitfire!!”

My wife laughs at me when I hear a round engine and head outside or to a window to see what plane is flying behind that wonderful sound.  It is exciting to see the fire-fighting planes going over in loose formation.  Watching sailplanes being towed and released is peaceful and makes me smile.

I bicycle past the airport and look at the various aircraft.  There are all types from homebuilts to corporate jets.  I’ve even seen a WW II vintage Texan trainer and a more recent T-28 trainer.  Both fly behind those wonderful sounding round engines.  There seems to be a Huey ‘copter based here that adds a classic sound to aviation.

Having flight training available is a boon to the local economy.  If I were younger, flight training would be part of my retirement.

The field has been here since 1944.  If somebody purchased land after that date, it should have been predictable that there would be typical aviation sounds.  If a realtor told them it would be “quiet,” the issue is with the realtor, not the airport. I wish I could have heard the activity of the large planes that flew to victory in WW II.

Check out this website for more information on the history of Loomis Field.  Celebrate the positive cultural and economic benefits the airport brings to Deer Park.  



Cary Corbin


To read the William S. letter called “Barking Dogs and Circling Planes” to the editor go to: DPGazette.com/nigrp

To read the letter from Mary F. go here: DPGazette.com/r6hhh

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Typewriter with paper reading "Letters to the Editor"

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