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Updated August 24th, 2022

Need something printed out? Even though the library buildings of both Spokane and Stevens County are closed to the public, they still are providing much needed services still like Mobile Printing.

Both Spokane and Stevens County libraries are working hard to provide much needed services like printing to our community. Read more to learn how to get prints and copies from your local library.

Spokane County Library

You can use the website or an app on your computer or mobile device to send print jobs to your library printers. 

Through the Website: 

Through the App:

ePRINTit App is a download found at

Setup Tips:

  • You will have to tap on the “no printer selected” on the bottom part of the app.
  • The easiest way to find the right printer is to go to search and type SCLD  
    • (if you try to select by location it is harder and you will need to type in full “SCLD Spokane County Library District” or you will get a location nowhere in Washington; on the location map you will see SPL (Spokane Public Library but you will not be able to pick these prints at the county library.)
  • You will have three options to upload docs: Documents, Photos, and Web
  • After you have selected the document, click the green print button
  • You will need to enter your Library Card Number**
  • You must pick up your prints within five days

** If you do not have or cannot find your Spokane County Library District card number, enter your first name and last name separated by a hyphen in the Library Card Number field above (example, Mary-Jones).

Printing Requirements

  • Print jobs can only be printed in black and white
  • You can print up to 80 pages per week. No single print job can be more than 80 pages
  • Pages will print on both sides of the page by default referred to as duplex printing; however, each side will count as one page
  • Print jobs are limited to file sizes up to 50MB. For larger file sizes, it is recommended that you separate pages into multiple smaller files and submit them as multiple print jobs
  • Files must be one of the following formats:
    • Graphics and Text Formats
      • PDF, Microsoft XPS, PNG, BMP, JPEG, HTML, GIF, TIFF, RTF, ASCII Text, Unicode Text and ZIP   
    • Microsoft Formats
      • Microsoft Word 2000-2019, Microsoft Word 2000-2019 for Mac, Microsoft Excel 2000-2019, Microsoft Excel 2000-2019 for Mac, Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2019, Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2019 for Mac and Microsoft Visio 2000-2019 (PrinterOn Enterprise only)
    • Apache Open Office Formats
      • Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer 2.x and later, Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc 2.x and later, Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress 2.x and later, Apache OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Draw 2.x and later

How To Get Your Prints

You can pick up your print job(s) by using the library’s curbside pickup service at any of their 11 locations. You do not need to select the location for pick up beforehand, just provide them with your library card or account name you associated with your mobile print job.  You will have five days to pick up your print job(s) from the library. Print jobs not retrieved within five days are automatically removed and deleted from the Mobile Printing queue.  All questions pertaining to mobile printing can be addressed by contacting the library staff at (509) 893-8400.

Please NOTE:

  • At the time of writing this there is no way for the library system to print one sided pages when you are on the app. If you have more than one sheet and need one sided you need to tell the library when you call in your prints. You can get single sided if you print by the website; in the final step you will have to change the setting from double sided to single.  

Stevens County

All Libraries of Stevens County (LOSC) are able to provide limited copying and printing services. 

All copy and print jobs, up to 10 pages, are temporarily free, courtesy of the LOSC Foundation. This is for any member of the public. They cannot offer print jobs beyond 10 pages. (Double sided printing is considered 2 pages.) 

All branches are able to print 8.5 in x 11 in (letter) black and white copy paper documents. Colville Public Library is also able to print 8.5 in x 14 in (legal) black and white documents. If the print or photocopy request is more than 10 pages or is color printing, patrons will be referred to other businesses in the area.


  • You will need to contact the library ahead of time to schedule a photocopy appointment
  • You should specify if it is a multi-page document and they only want certain pages. For example: “Print/Copy pages 1,2, 5-9, & 11”


You can request to have documents printed ahead of time by emailing or phoning prior to arrival. You can also schedule an appointment to bring a USB drive with a saved file. Staff may also print for patrons directly from the internet (e.g., a tax form)

Email (preferred): 

  • Send to email [email protected]
  • Include name and library branch in the subject line
  • Please attach a file or a link to the information from the internet 
  • Include any special instructions (“only page 2” or “two copies of this form”) in the body of the email


  • Bring the USB Drive to the already scheduled appointment

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