Connecting with Lego

Recreating a part of a story while connecting with others with shared interest in the Spokane County Libraries Virtual Event Building with Books: A LEGO Storytime

This event has a fun read-aloud picture story via Zoom, and then an opportunity for kids and families to create something they can share with others over the forty-five minute program time. Participants can recreate a part of the story, like a scene, character, or setting using not just Lego bricks but whatever crafting materials they may have at home. Some of the suggestions were play dough, paint, and crayons. The options are limited only by your imagination and creativity. The library will hold four of these events total: one each Tuesday in January. They will consider extending it if there is enough interest. You do have to register for each session. 

My own children enjoyed the shared time because they could explain their creations to others and see what other people had made. I think it is a great way to deal with not having the regular weekly lego event the library hosted before the pandemic, and gives kids a little more sense of normality during this time. Check out more of the Spokane County Library events at

Photo By Daniel Heung

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