Ground Broken on New Additions DPMS

Ground was broken at Deer Park Middle School (DPMS) on September 23rd. The addition will provide a solution to a problem of space developing since 1996. The school initially set up what they hoped to be a short-term solution for 6th graders moving from Arcadia Elementary to the DPMS with their current “sixth grade wing” which is fundamentally a combination of two modular buildings. They knew this solution would be limited and now it has reached the end of its effectiveness. 

Other reasons for the urgency of this renovation are to:

  • Ensure that needs of the Special Education students are met according to Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) standards 
  • Keep the facility current on child welfare and safety regulations 
  • Be prepared for anticipated population growth within our community

In 2015, it was determined that the replacement of the 6th grade and Special Education portables at the middle school needed to be at top priority.

In 2018, the Deer Park School District reviewed designs for the update and now in 2020 work is underway. Construction company Leone & Keeble, Inc, has been contracted by the school district for this project. Now that plans are set they have marked trees to come down and are set up to begin work in earnest. 

To read more on the original building plans go to:


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