Chamber Hosts Digital Tips For Your Business

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce (DPCC) held a virtual event via Zoom that highlighted how to take your business online in this unique time and challenging economy. 

As social distancing, curbside pickups, and online ordering become a necessity for many businesses, having a strong presence online is key to getting your business through this pandemic successfully. State Farm Agent Billy Costello gave a valuable presentation during this virtual meeting on behalf of the DPCC, detailing important digital tips for your business. These tips are helpful in times of crisis and normality alike! 

Be Consistent With Posting To Social Media

Costello says to be sure to post at least 2-3 times per week. A great way to ensure posts are consistent is to stick to a schedule. Posting consistently keeps followers engaged and expectant of your content. They are more likely to engage with pages they are used to seeing on a regular basis. The best times to post are Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with Sundays seeing 32% higher engagement than any other day of the week.

Boosting Posts

Boosting your posts allows you to get more traffic to your page, by putting your content in front of more eyes. Use an effective strategy here, such as targeting specific demographics that are similar to your active followers. Boosting also helps your page garner more likes, as more people interact with your post and navigate to your page for more information. The ability to set a budget enables businesses to have full control over their ad spend cap.

Topics To Avoid

Avoid topics like politics and religion, as these subjects can stir up dissent or alienate a portion of your audience and can cause followers to disengage with your posts or your brand altogether.

Keep It Simple

Be sure to use phrases and keywords that the average person would use. Keep navigation easy and understandable.

Be Genuine & Authentic

Show your audience why you do what you do, and the value that your business brings. Take an opportunity to get to know your customers and their needs–be responsive and actively engage with them. Share content that will resonate with them, and don’t be afraid to be open and honest.

Google My Business

  • Claim Your Google My Business Page
  • Keep Your Page Updated Regularly
  • Get Reviews

Claim Your Google My Business Page

This is essential in a time when nearly 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else, and 47% of all Google searches are looking for local information. Claiming your page and consistent activity is key to moving up in daily searches. Your Business Page allows you to have more control over the information potential customers can find. The ability to purchase ads is available from your My Business Page dashboard, making ad setup an easy process. 

Consistent Updating

It’s important to keep your page updated. Always make sure that all info about your business is correct. Hours, location, phone numbers, and website address should always be current. Remember to add promos or new products and services you are offering. Add new photos to keep your page fresh–keep it looking like something from 2020! Add photos of your building, your team, and your products, and consider posting just like you would on Facebook to keep your online presence consistent across all channels.

Get Reviews

The quickest way to get you to the top of organic search results is to get good reviews. The more higher rated reviews your business has, the better. People would rather do business with a company that has multiple high ratings than a business with none. Respond to all of the reviews you receive, even the bad ones. People will judge your business on how you handle a dissatisfied customer.


Meeting info, accessed April 21, 2020

Accessed April 28, 2020

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