The Silver Cafe: Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels opened the new Silver Cafe where seniors citizens can eat a healthy meal everyday for little to no cost.

The Silver Cafe, an extension of the non-profit organization Meals on Wheels, had their grand opening on January 31st. The organization is now working out of St. Mary’s church; however, they have no religious affiliation. “What we were in was a basement level before this…and it wasn’t accessible. The move to St. Mary’s has allowed us access to everybody and it’s so light, and bright and airy, and we were so excited to get started here,” says Janet Dixon, director of development and communication for the greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels.

Serving 1,200 people, Meals on Wheels creates fresh meals every single morning. “Those meals are brought…to Deer Park and I believe that they feed… 35 people, but we’re hoping to triple that… We know that there’s seniors in the Deer Park area that are not eating…” says Dixon. The sign up procedure is very simple; you just have to be age 60 or over and there is no charge. All they ask is “you pay what you can pay, so if that’s nothing that’s fine with us,” as Dixon puts it.

The Silver Cafe, one of two programs offered by Meals on Wheels, is where seniors can go and get food; the other is known as the “Homebound Program”, where someone can deliver food to seniors who are unable to travel. This program delivers 1 meal a day to any senior in the county. “It’s geared towards senior citizens so, low salt, really healthy hearty and meals are made fresh everyday.” This Meals on Wheels program is the largest in eastern Washington, with 44 routes and a $2.1 million budget; over half of the money is raised by Mrs. Dixon. Even with this seemingly large budget, Meals on Wheels is still struggling, specifically with meals for people with dietary restrictions.

If you would like to get meals delivered to your home contact Martha:

The Silver Cafe is located inside St Mary Presentation Catholic Church, 602 E 6th Street in Deer Park. If you’re interested in donating or becoming a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, please visit to sign up today.

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