New Internet Provider Coming Soon!

Most people in Deer Park are familiar with Knight Family Industries as a major business and employer for our area.  Now, owner Doug Knight is venturing into a new industry, fiber internet with Knightcom Inc. 

What Is Knightcom?

Knightcom Inc. will be the newest internet service provider (ISP) in Deer Park. For the immediate future, the fiber internet service will be solely for Knight’s business and the Deer Park school district’s use.

What’s The Big Deal?

Competition is important. The new arrival will hopefully stir some innovation with the local ISPs. CenturyLink and Xfinity have been servicing Deer Park for awhile now; an additional provider will challenge them to offer competitive prices and better connectivity. 

Knightcom’s initial goal is to connect to the school district, as it is over capacity with their current connection. Over capacity means that the school district has too many people trying to use the internet at the same time, causing a slowdown and disrupting productivity. Think of it like a congested highway. Even if the speed limit is 60 miles per hour, if there are too many cars on the road, traffic may slow to only 25. The current connection for the school district is also wireless, which means it often does not work at full speed, even without the congestion, or sometimes doesn’t work at all. Parts of the school district have moved to a one to one model, which means each student is provided with a laptop.

Who Can Get Fiber From Knightcom?

Currently, Knightcom is only servicing Knight Family Industries and the Deer Park School District. There is a possibility that the internet service provider will eventually offer connections to local businesses. Perhaps, in time, they will also connect to residents of Deer Park as well. 

What Is Fiber Internet & Why Do We Need It?

Everyday computer users may not notice when internet speeds are slower or less reliable. With typical web browsing and word processing, our needs do not require blazing fast speeds. However, if you’re trying to stream a show while your kids are downloading a large update to their latest computer game, the slower internet speeds can ruin your calm. 

Schools and businesses have many users doing many different tasks on the same internet connection at the same time. More and more of these tasks are done online and require reliable speeds to accomplish their goals.

Local Internet Providers

There are several local ISPs that offer connections through various mediums and with differing levels of speed and reliability. When choosing an internet service provider, there is a lot to consider: coverage area, method of delivery (fiber, wireless, satellite, etc), speed, reliability, and customer approval. Researching local providers is a wise step to getting connected.

Deer Park’s local providers are as follows:

  • Xfinity
  • CenturyLink
  • Hughsnet via Reach for the Sky Satellite
  • Ptera 
  • Wind Wireless
  • Knightcom
  • Airpipe
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