Local Talent Needs Your Help

Do you know someone who has a big talent that the community should know about?

If you have enjoyed our Local Talent section over the past few months, you’ve read about writers, painters, photographers, and a taxidermist! There are many artists in our readership, and we would love to highlight their talent and their craft. What other kinds of artists, or unique talents do you know?

There are no qualifications other than they live in the readership area and have an artistic talent that deserves to be showcased.

Deer Park, Riverside, Clayton, Loon Lake, and Springdale areas are included in our readership zone. If you are an artist, or know someone who lives in or near these areas, please contact the Editor.

Local Talent
Deer Park Gazette
P.O. Box 1581
Deer Park, Wa 99006

[email protected]

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