Comcast Service Sign Up Available

TODAY (Sept 14 2018) Comcast will be signing up new customers for Xfinity services at a pop-up location at the Salty Dog Eatery at 718 S Main St. Comcast Associates will be available to help you sign up between 1:00 – 7:30 pm.

You can also walk in and sign up for Xfinity at Reach for the Sky Satellite Services as they have been selected as the local Comcast retailer in Deer Park. Comcast will have street teams walking around Deer Park to help people sign up.

Using one of the above locations to sign up will insure that you receive service at the earliest possible date. Signing up for service via Comcast’s call center may result in waiting a few extra weeks, according to Xfinity Neighborhood Representative Michelle Maitrejean.

Xfinity services, for new sign ups, will be activated before the end of the month. Exact dates depend on when and how new users signed up.

Reach for the Sky Satellite Services is located at 17 N Main St in Deer Park. Their phone number is (509) 276-9340.

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