Tech Tips: Xfinity Internet Essentials Reviewed

Access to the internet and modern computers are creating a new kind of class divide. Xfinity offers their Internet Essentials services and computers to fill a much needed gap. But the devil is in the details; excuse the pun.

For less than $10 a month, Xfinity’s Internet Essentials plan might be the only option for many people on a limited budget. Once approved families can also purchase a ChromeBook, Windows Laptop, or Desktop for just $149. For some, these deals are just what are needed; for others some of the hidden details are very misleading.

Internet Essentials Data Capped
The internet service included with Xfinity’s Internet Essentials includes a datacap of 1.2TB per month. That might seem like more than enough data, but as a result of the pandemic, many families are exceeding that limit. Streaming classes for students, and parents working remotely can quickly use up the data. Extra data is automatically added to the bill at the cost of $10 per 50GB. The costs for extra data are capped at $100 per month. Xfinity does offer unlimited data for an additional fee, but not for the Internet Essentials plan.

Old Computers Sold
When money is tight, making purchase decisions requires having accurate details to work from. CDI Inc has partnered with Xfinity to provide the low cost computers available with the Internet Essentials program. During the purchasing process, the only mention that the computers are refurbished is in the small print outside of the product description below the “Buy Now” buttons. While the specs do hint that the computers are low end and not the most recent on the market, the site does not clearly disclose they are used machines.

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