Local Internet Provider to Increase Rates

Ptera is a fixed high-speed wireless internet provider based in Liberty Lake that serves many rural locations in Spokane and Stevens Counties. Fixed wireless internet is a method of delivering data via radio waves through the air as opposed to the more commonly adopted copper DSL (digital subscriber line), phone lines or coaxial cable. This allows the waves to travel to remote locations without the costly wire installations. In an effort to improve speeds in their more rural coverage areas, Ptera is raising their rates starting February 1. Their basic Power Plan, for residential use, will increase from $55/month to $59/month, which includes download speeds of 10Mbps and upload speeds of 4Mbps. Ptera’s other plans will also see an increase with the Performance Plan, increasing to $84/month; and their Premium Plan increasing to $109/month. Ptera is making one further change that will affect some of their top data users. Ptera will now enforce their EUP (Excessive Use Policy) and will begin charging users in March 2018 who exceed  600 GB in a calendar month. Overage charges will cost an extra $25/month for every 200 GB beyond initial 600 GB. Ptera will still offer the same speeds to all users, no matter their GB usage in a calendar month.

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