Powerful Savings for Avista Customers

Avista’s My Energy Discount program offers personalized bill discounts to eligible Washington customers based on their yearly household income and size. The program aims to lower energy bills, providing more financial flexibility to participants.

Avista’s My Energy Discount program considers household income and size to determine eligibility for a personalized discount on energy bills. For instance, residents in Spokane County with a household of four earning a combined $4,000 per month will likely qualify for the program.

Applying for the program is convenient, with online, mail, phone, and in-person options available. Participants are assured that their income and household information is protected and used solely for eligibility verification.

Importantly, enrolling in My Energy Discount – Washington does not preclude individuals from receiving other energy assistance programs. Discounts are applied to the remaining balance after energy assistance payments, ensuring comprehensive support for eligible participants.

Avista reviews the information upon application submission, and approved participants receive notification within 30 days detailing the discount amount. The discount remains active for two years, after which re-enrollment is necessary.

The discount applies to new charges billed after enrollment, covering monthly usage costs (electric and/or natural gas), basic charges, area lighting, pumps, and franchise fees (taxes). However, certain charges, such as project share donations, energy smart loan charges (on-bill financing), claims charges, additional fees (late fees, insufficient funds fees, etc.), write-off balances, prior obligation balances, and outbuildings, are not included.

My Energy Discount – Washington assesses the same income sources utilized for eligibility in various other energy assistance programs. In determining qualification, the program considers a range of income types, encompassing wages, salaries, spousal and child support, public assistance payments, Social Security and pensions, military subsidies, veteran’s benefits, housing subsidies paid directly to you, rental income, income from self-employment, and all employment-related non-cash income. Conversely, income not factored into the qualification criteria comprises energy assistance, income for individuals in high school or under 18, income tax refunds and credits, one-time cash gifts, reverse mortgages, housing subsidies paid directly to the landlord, utility allowances, and WIC benefits.

Participants are encouraged to notify Avista of any household size or income changes to adjust their discounts accordingly. The program considers various income sources for eligibility, including wages, spousal support, and housing subsidies.

Ways to Apply:

Online: You can sign in to your Avista account and go to: Myavista.com/your-account/power-of-compassion/washington-assistance/my-energy-discount.

Mail: Download the Application (Applications are also available in languages Marshallese, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian)
Application – English
Once complete, send to:
Lobby Rep, MSC-34
PO Box 3727
Spokane, WA 99220-3727

Phone: Call (800) 227-9187 to apply over the phone with an Avista customer service representative.

In-person: Schedule an appointment with your local community action agency to apply in person.


“My Energy Discount – WA.” Avista Utilities, Myavista.com/your-account/power-of-compassion/washington-assistance/my-energy-discount. Accessed 18 December 2023.

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