Fireworks Buying Guide For Deer Park Celebrations

The Fireworks Barn in Ford, Washington, offers some tempting discounts.

For those looking to celebrate the Fourth of July with a bang, knowing where and what to buy is crucial. Whether you’re heading to the Spokane Reservation for a wider variety and lower prices or sticking to Deer Park for guaranteed legal options, planning ahead ensures a safe and spectacular celebration.

Fireworks from the Spokane Reservation are a popular choice due to their tax-free status, lower prices, and wider variety of options. If you plan well in advance, fireworks can also be purchased online and shipped via select freight carriers, Deer Park also hosts multiple fireworks dealers each year, providing a plethora of options, all of which are legal to use within the city.

Reservation Fireworks Barns & Tents

Buyers need to be aware that not all fireworks available on the reservation are legal outside of its borders. Transporting fireworks or other explosives that are illegal in Washington state without the appropriate permits and licenses can lead to serious legal consequences. Most of the businesses selling fireworks on the reservation will only accept cash. The “Fireworks Barns” at Ford, Washington, have an eclectic variety of firework brands, including Black Cat, Brothers, and many others. 

Deer Park Fireworks Stands & Tents

Retailers in Deer Park are permitted to sell fireworks but must adhere to strict guidelines. They are required to apply for permits, maintain proper insurance, and undergo inspections before opening their doors to the public. Fireworks sold in Deer Park are guaranteed to be legal for use within the city limits. Another advantage of buying in Deer Park is that they typically accept card payments. 

Discount Fireworks
Located in front of Double Eagle, the small Discount Fireworks stand contains an impressive stockpile of fireworks. The anchor brand sold there is Great Grizzly, a nationally recognized brand.

TNT Fireworks
Located in the Yokes parking lot, TNT operates in a large tent, allowing shoppers a chance to get a closer look at the products. While most of the fireworks are TNT branded, other brands of fireworks are sometimes available.

Identifying Illegal Fireworks

One of the challenges consumers face is determining whether a firework is legal. Some fireworks may appear legal but contain more explosive material than permitted. It’s essential to purchase from reputable sources and stay informed about the specific types of fireworks banned in Washington state.

Using legal fireworks is not only about compliance but also safety. Legal fireworks are less likely to cause injuries and accidents. Moreover, adhering to the law helps prevent stricter regulations or complete bans on fireworks in the future. In 2018, Deer Park nearly banned all consumer fireworks and significantly reduced the purchase and use periods. 

Fireworks that are federally legal but banned in Washington state:

  • Firecrackers
  • Sky Rockets & Missiles
  • Bottle Rockets.

Illegal federally include:

  • Explosive devices
  • M-80s, M-100, and similar
  • Altered Fireworks
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