Rotary Students Of The Month – January 2024

Photo Provided By Deer Park Rotary Club
The high school students pictured from left to right are Lilyauna Whipple-Musgrave of Mary Walker High School, Malia Reedy of Riverside High School, and Emma Adams of Deer Park High School.

The Deer Park Rotary Club members picked three students for January’s Student of the Month.

Deer Park School District
Principal Joe Feist presented Emma Adams as the Deer Park High School student of the month. Emma is an active participant in the Running Start program at Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC), maintaining an impressive 3.94 GPA while excelling as an athlete. During her introduction, Emma acknowledged her parents, Tiffany and Bryan.

Emma’s favorite subject is science, and her favorite classes are Anatomy and Physiology, which she took last year, and this year’s Anatomy and Physiology 2.  She finds it very interesting to learn about the human body. Because she attends SFCC, she isn’t in the school as often as other students and really enjoys being involved in school sports and activities as much as possible.  

She has been playing soccer since she was seven. However, she won’t continue playing in college due to past injuries, including an ACL tear as a freshman and a dislocated elbow in the past year. Outside of school, she likes camping and outdoor activities. 

Planning to graduate with her AA from SFCC, Emma aspires to join the nursing program at the Washington State University(WSU) Spokane Campus. Grateful for the Rotary Club’s support for this year’s “Night at the North Pole” event, she also appreciated being nominated as Student of the Month.

Riverside School District
Malia Reedy recognized as Riverside’s Student of the Month, has dedicated her time to serving as an office aide at the school. Principal Hull commends her for being passionate and driven. Accompanied by her parents and grandparents to the Rotary Club meeting, Malia shared her deep involvement in softball, describing it as an integral part of her life. Expressing her desire to continue playing in college, she aims to attend a two-year college to pursue nursing.  

She is also very involved in high school as an ambassador. As a high school ambassador, Malia mentors ten freshmen throughout their first year, providing support with classes, tutoring, and guidance toward their post-high school aspirations. Outside of school, she likes softball, the outdoors, travel, spending time with family and friends, and just enjoying every last minute before she starts college. Malia loves the students and staff at Riverside and feels very welcome there.

Malia was drawn toward nursing because her grandmother is a nurse and loves science, especially medical science.  Although she has yet to decide on a specific school, she is exploring options, including a community college in the Tri-Cities area. Grateful for the recognition, she concluded with a heartfelt thank you to the club.

Mary Walker School District
Lilyauna Whipple-Musgrave was introduced by Joe Garza, Mary Walker, HS Counselor, who said she has been a great help to him this year. Lilyauna has a genuine passion for learning and actively seeks new knowledge daily. Over the past two years, she has enrolled in college English classes and is currently immersed in Pre-calculus, Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology. 

Her keen interest lies in the latter two subjects, driven by a fascination with science, how the world works, and how we come up with all these formulas. In addition to her academic pursuits, Lilyauna has actively participated in softball and volleyball for the past three years, finding solace in reading during her leisure time. With two horses and a dog, she takes immense pride in caring for her beloved pets.

Lilyauna has been chosen to apply for a student-trained dental hygienist position at Springdale’s New Health Dental Clinic. If selected, she envisions attending a two-year community college to pursue a career in dental hygiene.  She concluded her introduction by expressing thanking the Rotary Club.

What is the Deer Park Rotary Club?

The Rotary Club of Deer Park is about serving others, building relationships, and developing the next generation of leaders. Its annual fundraising events provide scholarships and educational activities for local students. In addition, every month, they select and honor outstanding high school students within our community. Their programs are for more than just club members. For more information or how to make a difference in your community through Rotary, visit:

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