Nearly Finalized Election Results Amidst Hazmat Scare

With most of the votes counted, the winners are now clear. Both Deer Park City Council and the School Board will have some new members. Election results were slightly delayed due to evacuations after receiving an envelope containing a white powder.

Early in the day after the election, an envelope was found bearing an unknown white powder. The facility was quickly secured and evacuated for most of the day. The Spokane Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team and the Spokane Police Department were dispatched to the scene. According to the Spokane Police Department, “It was tested for harmful substances including chemical/biological agents, explosive compounds, and controlled substances. Initial tests of the powder were negative for agents and explosives, and positive for fentanyl.” There are reports of similar instances at election offices across several states. The FBI is leading the investigation.

 Now, with only 25 ballots left to count, the results of the General Election will remain the same. The final votes should be tabulated on November 27th. 

City Council Results
Long term incumbent councilmember Cragun was defeated with a wide margin by Fred Senn for Position #2. The race for Position #2 had the most voters weigh in, of the three contests, with 1,245 ballots cast. 

In an uncontested race for Position #4, Billy Costello has secured his position on the council. 

The closest race was between two city council newcomers, Diane Pfaeffle and Scott Campbell. With only 74 votes separating them, Pfaeffle has just won Position #5. 

Deer Park School District Board of Directors Results
Craig Phillips, previously appointed to fill a vacant spot on the board, has won the election over Gina Langbehn for District #1. 

Newcomer Gerry Ashby defeated incumbent Carri Breckner for the District #4 position. 

The at-large contest was also the closest, with more votes than the other school board positions. After 2,511 votes were counted, only 173 separated the two candidates. Incumbent Eric Keller maintained his position and edged out Richard Price.

Spokane County Fire District #4
Incumbent Jack Hensley just narrowly beat his opponent, Chris Aronson, with only 3.11% of the vote separating the two candidates. Because of the wide area covered by District #4, over 11 thousand votes were cast in this contest.

Deer Park City Council

Council Position No. 2

Helen (Dee) Cragun36027.91 %
Fred Senn88568.6 %

Council Position No. 4

Billy Costello111591.39 %

Council Position No. 5

Scott Campbell58245.54 %
Diane Pfaeffle65651.33 %

Deer Park School District Board of Directors

Director Dist No. 1

Gina Langbehn94837.89 %
Craig Phillips150860.27 %

Director Dist No. 4

Gerry Ashby132252.82 %
Carri Breckner113345.27 %

Director Dist No. 5

Richard Price116945.74 %
Eric Keller134252.5 %

Spokane County

Fire District #4 Commissioners Position #3

Jack D Hensley568350.78 %
Chris Aronson533547.67 %


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