Free High School Diplomas for Adults Through SCLD

Take advantage of a second chance for academic success with Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School, an accredited online program in partnership with the Spokane County Library District. This program offers a flexible curriculum for adults, helping them to earn a high school diploma on their terms.

A new opportunity is available for adults who would like to complete their high school requirements and earn a diploma. The Spokane County Library District is offering the program Gale Presents: Excel Adult High School for just that purpose. 

Excel Adult High School targets residents of Spokane County (excluding Liberty Lake and Spokane) aged 25 and above. This unique program allows participants to complete their high school education and earn a diploma from an accredited source. The 24-month program is designed to accommodate busy schedules, with many students graduating within 6 to 9 months.

The entire curriculum takes place online, embracing asynchronous learning. Participants can engage in lectures, assignments, quizzes, and tests at times convenient for them. This flexibility is coupled with a robust support system. Enrolled students receive assistance from a dedicated Success Coach, aid in transcript ordering and credit transfers, as well as access to free tutoring support. The inclusive program offers help for English-language learners and accessibility tools to ensure a supportive learning environment.

A comprehensive range of online courses designed to help students achieve academic success are offered through Excel Adult High School. Success coaches collaborate with students to create personalized graduation plans, ensuring a clear understanding of credit requirements and timelines. The program includes core courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health/PE, and Fine Arts. They also give options for electives covering subjects like Business, Technology, Languages, and even ACE College Credit Courses, providing students with a well-rounded and flexible educational experience.

Excel Adult High School holds accreditation from prominent educational organizations, including Cognia, NCA CASI, SACS CASI, NWAC, and MSA-CESS. The accreditation ensures the high school diploma offered by Excel is recognized and accepted by colleges, employers, and the military.

To succeed in Excel Adult High School, applicants need to be self-motivated, possess good time-management skills, and be comfortable with technology. The program is not only accessible but also free for accepted applicants, thanks to the funding provided by Spokane County Library District.

Applying to Excel Adult High School
Initiating the application process is straightforward. Visit the Excel Adult High School website at: and click on “Get Started.”

Applicants must meet the initial requirements to apply:

  • Reside in Spokane County Library District’s service area: in Spokane County (excluding the incorporated cities of Liberty Lake and Spokane)
  • Have completed 8th grade
  • Are 25 years of age or older

Once these requirements are met, applicants undergo an online Prerequisite Course, assessing their compatibility with online learning and challenging their time-management skills.

Successful completion of the prerequisite course leads to a one-on-one interview with library staff. Applicants may be invited to enroll in Excel Adult High School, depending on the interview outcome. For more details, interested individuals can explore the program’s website, delve into the Program Details and FAQs sections, or email [email protected].


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