Call for Submissions: LEGO Stop-Motion Movies

Lights, camera, LEGO action! Get ready to bring your miniature worlds to life. Join in the artistry of Lego at the Spokane County Library District’s LEGO Stop-Motion Movie Screening & Celebration. Submit original creations.

In celebrating creativity and cinematic artistry, the Spokane County Library District invites filmmakers of all ages to submit their original LEGO stop-motion movies for a special screening event. This opportunity promises to showcase the imaginative talents of our local community members, bringing their miniature worlds to life on the big screen.

Submissions are open for those eager to share their stop-motion masterpieces until January 2nd, 2024. This call for entries welcomes young and old creators to participate in this cinematic endeavor, emphasizing producing content suitable for all audiences.

The LEGO Stop-Motion Movie Screening & Celebration is scheduled for Saturday, January 20th, from 4:15pm to 5:45pm at the Spokane County Library District’s Spokane Valley location. It promises an enchanting experience for attendees as they marvel at stop-motion animators’ ingenious creations and storytelling prowess.

Guidelines for submission include:

  • Maximum video length of 3 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Accepted file formats encompassing MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, and WMV. 
  • Each video file name should include the creator’s name(s) and the video title, such as “” 
  • All submitted videos must be original creations, and a credit reel acknowledging all participants’ roles in the project is mandatory.

Participants may submit up to two projects for consideration, encouraging diverse and imaginative entries. To maintain authenticity, videos should be free from uncited or uncredited content, ensuring respect for copyright holders and original creators. Any submissions featuring inappropriate content for an all-ages audience will be disqualified.

As a vital note, the Spokane County Library District disclaims responsibility for any corrupted files or incomplete submissions. Late entries will not be considered for the screening.

The process of submitting your movie for the screening includes two steps:

  • Registering to participate at
  • Uploading your video following the instructions sent by email. 
    • Once you have registered, library staff will review your registration and email you the instructions.
    • They encourage everyone to register early to receive instructions and upload video submissions within three days of the registration deadline.
    • Both the registration and video upload must be completed by January 2nd, 2024, until 5pm PT.
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