Rep. Maycumber Visits Deer Park Chamber Luncheon

Representative Maycumber engages with Deer Park Chamber of Commerce at the monthly luncheon.

Drug laws, gas taxes, and apprenticeship programs were all discussed at the most recent Deer Park Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Representative Jacquelin Maycumber presented an update on the legislative session, along with her positions and actions.

Deer Park’s 7th District State Representative Jacquelin Maycumber was the Chamber’s special guest at October’s monthly luncheon. She addressed the group on issues of interest, and her involvement and leadership. She candidly expressed how much she enjoyed our Deer Park Chamber because of our level of engagement with her and in our community. As the House Republican Floor Leader, Representative Maycumber is on front lines of communication in both parties. She highlighted several recent bills that she has been privileged to be a part of drafting and passing. Here are summaries of three of the issues she discussed.

Law Enforcement
First, she discussed her support for saving lives and making our communities safer by continuing to work toward tightening police pursuit laws that will allow law enforcement to engage more directly with drug addicts. Particularly as it relates to fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamines users. It was stated that many of our recent pursuit laws have not gone far enough in allowing law enforcement officers to do their job adequately. She was pleased to inform us of a solid bi-partisan passage to a law called the “Blake Fix” that strengthened and clarified the issue for our officers. 

Gasoline Taxes
Second, she discussed our Washington State gasoline taxes and shared where that money was going. Washington residents pay a total of $1.17 per gallon in gas taxes. Of that amount 49 cents of that goes for a cap and trade carbon emissions tax, which she strongly opposes. State tax contributes 50 cents, and 19 cents is a federal tax. Although the cap and trade tax has been a source of controversy and even rejected by the people of Washington, it remains. 

Education & Trade Jobs
Third, Representative Maycumber was proud to talk about the regional apprenticeship bill she sponsored that also passed the House. This bill is “an effort to provide an education for the future and help ensure the success of our students while making the most of their high school education,” Maycumber said. She likened the program to a “Running Start” program for the trades, acknowledging that all students will not be drawn toward higher academic education, but require skills to obtain jobs in the trades. One of her points was that there is a great need for tradesmen in the next generation, and many students should be encouraged to pursue these options. 

There was a general sense of appreciation from the Chamber folks gathered there for Representative Maycumber’s work and positions. Maycumber has been representing the 7th District since January 2018. The district has been enlarged to include all of Ferry, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, and Stevens counties, along with parts of Douglas, Grant, and Spokane counties. She said that makes up approximately 22% of the state of Washington. She is a former law enforcement officer and has also spent time in biomedical research. She advocates for common sense solutions in education and state government funding. As a fourth-generation landowner in Northeast Washington, she and her husband, Marty, live in Republic with their three children.

For more thorough and detailed information about State Representative Maycumber, please visit her website at

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