Habitat for Humanity To Receive $1.9M

At Deer Park Hope Meadows, construction is currently underway for more homes.

Habitat for Humanity-Spokane is on track to receive $1,985,000 in award funds from the Washington State Department of Commerce.  They will receive this in two amounts for their Deer Park and Airway Heights sites. 

The Deer Park location will receive $350,000 to help go toward funds needed to build ten new houses in Deer Park Hope Meadows. The whole project in Deer Park has a development cost of $2,690,227. 

Habitat for Humanity-Spokane developments were two of the twenty-one new proposals the Washington State Department of Commerce awarded for 2022. The Washington State Department of Commerce funded projects with the aim of creating new homeownership opportunities through the construction of new homes. The homeownership disparities work group identified the lack of affordable housing and insufficient homebuyer assistance as the two most significant barriers to homeownership. By investing in these projects, the Commerce Department hopes to address these issues and provide greater access to homeownership for low-income households.

“A focus on homeownership is important to address the lack of affordable housing throughout Washington,” said Commerce Department Acting Director Kendrick Stewart.

The Department of Commerce receives state capital funding to invest with eligible agencies that assist low-income households in securing the dream of homeownership via various models, including down payment assistance, self-help new construction, Community Land Trusts, and limited equity co-operatives. Homes funded through Commerce may only be sold or resold to households with incomes, adjusted by size, of less than 80% of the area median income, for a minimum of 25 years.

According to Habitat for Humanity-Spokane’s Winter Newsletter, they were working on six new affordable homes in Spokane County. Four of those homes were under construction at Deer Park Hope Meadows. Since then, they have held a home dedication celebration in Deer Park on March 30th, 2023. The event marks the end of Women’s History Month and the culmination of the Homeownership Program for two single mothers who received the keys to their new homes. Habitat’s construction team hopes to finish the other two homes before spring and pour six more foundations before summer. 

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity

Many families are finding themselves in need of safe, affordable housing. If you or a loved one is in this situation, you are encouraged to visit the Habitat for Humanity website and apply to see if you qualify.  While there, you can also view the video containing their virtual homeownership information meeting.

According to the informational video, there are four basic requirements that applicants must meet to become enrolled in the Habitat for Humanity Homeownership program: 

  • Need 
  • The ability to pay 
  • A willingness to partner with Habitat
  • Have lived or worked in Spokane County for the last six consecutive months


In all, they state that the process can take 12-24 months and includes the following steps:

  • 250 “Sweat Equity” hours earned through volunteer service within the Habitat program
  • Saving money towards the closing costs
  • Attending homeownership training and classes
  • Begin working on a budget and debt repayment plan
  • Regularly submitting income verification documents
  • Receiving a land assignment
  • Completing final classes
  • Completing a loan process through a third-party lender
  • Dedicating your home
  • Closing on your home and receiving your keys
  • Finally, you get to move in!


One fun aspect of the “Sweat Equity” volunteer hours is that participants can construct their own homes. This process is initiated when Habitat for Humanity Spokane receives the individual application and begins the need assessment period. Even if you are not sure that you qualify entirely, Habitat for Humanity stresses the need to apply so that they can assist you further or offer guidance. Community support and partnerships with local businesses make this homeownership program possible. If you are interested in helping their efforts within your community, please consider donating or volunteering. You can find more information on their website habitat-spokane.org.


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