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Scouts attended the city council meeting to earn their Citizenship In The Community Merit Badge.

Boy Scouts from Troop 203 attended the city council meeting. The budget for the splash pad has started the approval process. The city is working toward building and technology improvements. Citizen comments ranged from law enforcement to chickens.

The Council Chambers at City Hall were nearly full as a result of many visiting Boy Scouts. The scouts, with their leaders, are working toward the Citizenship In The Community Merit Badge.

Splash Pad
The city council has started the process of allocating surplus funds for the creation of a splash pad at Swinyard Park. The amount in the current proposal is $950 thousand dollars, just short of a million dollars. There should be a public hearing at the next meeting for citizen input on the project.

Live Streaming & ADA Compliance
Due to a complaint, the city is pursuing methods to assist individuals with hearing impairments to be able to access a live transcript of the meetings. The plan in development is to use live-streaming technology similar to zoom to create the transcript. Laptops would be provided to the hearing impaired so that they have access to the created transcript. The same technology could be used instead of the current phone conferencing system to allow for better communication and collaboration when council members can not be present in person.

Several residents made comments in support of allowing chickens, ducks, and rabbits to be raised within the city limits. The process to update the laws requires updating guiding documents and city laws, both of which will require studies and hearings. 

Watch the video at the bottom or click a link to view a portion of the meeting interesting to you. 

Key Points:

  • 00:00 – Call to Order & Roll Call
  • 00:25 – Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance
  • 03:05 – Approval of Agenda & Meeting Minutes
  • 03:40 – Mayor Welcomes Scouts
  • 04:48 – New Business – Airport Pavement
  • 05:38 – Ordinances – Splash Pad Budget Amendment(First Reading)
  • 06:10 – Consent Agenda
  • 07:47 – Mayor’s Report – ADA Compliance 
  • 19:46 – Council Member Report – Jason Upchurch
  • 25:10 – Council Member Report – Caleb Stapp
  • 27:22 – Council Member Report – Naomi Diaz
  • 28:05 – Comments from Audience – Danica Foster
  • 40:40 – Comments from Audience – Richard Schut
  • 46:33 – Comments from Audience – Angela Emmans
  • 49:46 – Comments from Audience – Unidentified
  • 52:42 – Comments from Audience – Deron Schroeder
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