Introducing the 2023 Board of Deer Park Chamber of Commerce

Deer Park Chamber of Commerce Board 2023.
Photo Provided By: Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, taken by Pop Of Pure Photography.

Join the thriving business community of Deer Park as the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce officially welcomes its 2023 Board of Directors, poised to drive growth and support local businesses.

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is governed by a board of directors which consists of nine volunteers elected by a general election. The Chambers recently held this election and have announced who will be on the board this year. The delegation will be led this year by Billy Costello of Billy Costello State Farm Agent, who serves as President. The role of Vice President has been accepted by Kelsie Carlson of The Pickett Fence. Shannon Siemen of Mont Lamm Events was elected as this year’s Treasurer. The position of Secretary is being filled by Angie Jones of Angela Jones, LMT. The remaining seats on the board will be filled by Sandra Burwell of Superior Mobile RV Services, KC Longley of KScenics, John Simpson of Ncourage Services, and Emma Siemen of Pop Of Pure Photography. 

The Chamber has three standing committees: the Finance Committee, the Fundraising and Events Committee, and the Economic Development Committee. The Finance Committee is responsible for conducting annual financial reviews and approving all bills presented at the regular monthly board meetings; this year’s Chairperson is Shannon Siemen, the aforementioned board Treasurer. Angie Jones is the Chairperson for the Fundraising and Events Committee, responsible for planning and executing annual fundraising events and coordinating business open house events; she is also the board Secretary. Finally, the Economic Development Committee is responsible for promoting business development in the Chamber area; this year’s Chairperson is Jennifer Shorts of Jennifer Shorts Real Estate.

What is the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is comprised of over 100 business members. Most of their memberships are made up of small, locally owned and operated businesses; more than ninety percent of their member businesses employ fewer than 25 employees.

The mission of the Chamber is to provide responsive action in areas such as business growth, public policy, workforce development, and community engagement. To achieve this mission, the Chamber actively supports businesses, provides networking opportunities, promotes the Deer Park area, and creates alliances among diverse organizations.

The Chamber is actively growing and has a vision for the future with business developments that will serve the growing community of Deer Park, WA. The Chamber ​is a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization that works through a multifaceted approach to enable the Deer Park Business sector to thrive and remain strong as it moves into the future.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact them by following ways:
Address: Deer Park Chamber of Commerce
316 E Crawford St
PO Box 518
Deer Park, WA 99006-5338
Phone: (509)276-5900
Email:[email protected]

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