Students Of The Month – January 2023

Photo Provided By Deer Park Rotary Club
The high school students pictured from left to right are Audrey Wellhausen, Seth Hickman, Brock Martin.

The Deer Park Rotary Club members picked three students for January’s Student of the Month.

Deer Park School District
Seth Hickman, Deer Park High School Student of the Month was introduced by Basketball Coach Chad Hand.  Coach Hand has known Seth since Seth was a third grader. He said Seth is a physical leader, is tough, never complains and works hard every day.  Seth has been in the Deer Park School District his whole life and his parents both graduated from Deer Park High School in 2003.  He has played football and basketball since he was 8 years old and is grateful that the high school has such great programs and coaching for all the athletics.  This weekend, the varsity boys will be holding a basketball camp for the middle school boys.  His parents have always told him academics come first and he maintains a 3.85 GPA and has been on the honor roll since the 6th grade! His favorite class is history and he is currently taking Honors Math and History. He has worked locally since he was 15 at the Salty Dog Restaurant in Deer Park and said everyone there is like family.  His parents have taught him the value of working and paying his way and that has significantly helped him to mature as a human being. He plans on attending Eastern Washington University or Spokane Falls Community College to pursue an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Riverside School District
Riverside High School Principal Clint Hull introduced Brock Martin, January Student of the Month.  Principal Hull told us that Brock is very thoughtful, kind and soft-spoken.  He is not only an All-Conference Offense and Defense Football player, wrestler and competes in track but has received the Student of the Month Kindness Award from Riverside High School. Brock and his family have been in the Riverside Community for 12 years.  His favorite subjects are AB Calculus and US History and he carries a 3.53 GPA.  His idea of fun is in the Gym. He works with and encourages younger kids to enjoy the gym as much as he does. His main hobby is Sports; he loves the community and sports at Riverside. Brock plans on attending Wyoming State University and major in Zoology with an emphasis in Animal Science Research.

Mary Walker School District
Mike Amend, Principal at Mary Walker High School introduced Audrey Wellhausen.  He told us she is thoughtful, a leader, heavily involved with FFA and a competitor in every way. Audrey began by thanking the club for today’s recognition and the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  She also expressed her gratitude for her mother, grandmother and brother, who were with her today, and for her family who push her to overcome fears and challenges toward her future. Audrey’s family has been a part of the Springdale Frontier Days Rodeo Association for ten years.  She was Miss Springdale Pee Wee Rodeo Queen 2020-2021 and Springdale Rodeo Queen in 2022. Her family runs the Horse Heritage Educational Program; a program that gives Special Needs Children time to ride and connect with horses.  Her most challenging and favorite class is Financial Math; her GPA is 3.9 and she says FFA keeps her connected to her community.  Audrey, a member of the Mary Walker girls’ volleyball team, led the team to State two consecutive years placing 6th and 4th. Her choice for college right now is Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake where she can play volleyball, pursue Business Management and be near Langley Equine Studies.

What is the Deer Park Rotary Club?

The Rotary Club of Deer Park is about serving others, building relationships, and developing the next generation of leaders. Its annual fundraising events provide scholarships and educational activities for local students. In addition, every month they select and honor outstanding high school students within our community. Their programs are for more than just club members. For more information or how to make a difference in your community through Rotary, visit:

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