Replacing Ron Scholz Moving Forward

Filling the vacancy left by Ron Scholz and the process to be used has been decided by the Deer Park City Council. The City of Deer Park will accept applications for just a short time in order to meet the legal deadline.

Council Position Vacancy
With Councilmember Ron Scholz’s resignation, a short window of ninety days exists for the council to appoint a replacement. Read more details about the resignation in our previous article: Councilmember Resigns & Mural Painting Approved

Council members debated the process of selecting a new council member. There was concern about stretching the process out too long and risking the selection duty moving on to the county commissioners. The agreed timeline will vary depending on how many applicants submit details for the position. If a decision is not reached by the end of the June 1st meeting, the council will have to hold a special meeting session to beat the June 13th deadline. 

Deadline For Appointment


Timeline For Replacement

  • May 11th by 5pm – Application Deadline 
  • May 18th – Council Members Receive Applications
  • May 18th – First Interviews 
  • June 1st – Additional Interviews(If Needed)
  • May 18th or June 1st – New Councilmember Selection

There was debate about whether or not an application and/or resume should be required of residents to be appointed to the Deer Park City Council. While it was eventually decided that a resume would not be required, some council members clearly would prefer applicants submit one. 

City Council Member Requirements

  • Registered Voter
  • Residing Within City Limits 1 Year Minimum
  • Submitted Application(Minimum Required Details Below)
    • Full Name
    • Residential Address 
    • Length At Residence
    • Registered Voter Status


Council Application

Whoever is appointed to fill the council position will hold it until December 31st, 2023. After that, the appointed council member will have less than one year before starting the next election cycle if they want to maintain the position per voters.


  • Vacancy Notice Accessed April 26th, 2022
  • Council Application Accessed April 26, 2022
  • YouTube City Council Meeting Recorded April 20th, 2022
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