Kiwanis Club Boots Kids

Photos Provided By Crystal Schut
Jay Lindh, Kiwanis Club Vice Presidents, presents Principal Lori Burke and Assistant Principal Steve Hitchcock at Arcadia Elementary with a check from Kiwanis.

The Deer Park Kiwanis Club presented the money to Deer Park schools to make sure kids stay warm and dry this winter.

According to the Kiwanis Clubs’ International website, their vision is that all children will wake up in communities that believe in them, nurture them, and provide the support they need to thrive. One way the Deer Park chapter of Kiwanis Club is making sure our local children are nurtured is by helping provide appropriate clothing for the winter weather.  

Deer Park Kiwanis Club has donated money to help support this cause over the years. Children heading out into the snow and freezing temperatures require appropriate winter clothing. 

On December 10th, Vice President of the Deer Park Kiwanis, Jay Lindh, presented checks for $200 each to both the Deer Park Elementary and Arcadia Elementary school for the express purpose of purchasing winter boots and coats for kids in need. 

Principal Renee Bailey of Deer Park Elementary and Principal Lori Burke at Arcadia Elementary both commented that winter boots are a much-needed item that this money can go toward.  

If your child needs a particular piece of winter wear to stay warm in the cold weather,  be sure to connect with the counselor at your child’s school; they will be happy to locate the right piece of winter wear in an age-appropriate size.

Principal Renee of Deer Park Elementary accepted the check from Kiwanis Vice President Jay Lindh.

What is the Kiwanis Club?
The Kiwanis Club of Deer Park focuses on serving the community and organizations, especially those helping children. The Deer Park Kiwanis Club is what’s known as a 3-2-1 club. This type of group meets throughout the month for three hours to conduct service projects, two hours for social activities, and one hour for club business. The emphasis of Kiwanis is spending time on activities and projects outside of meetings. Some of the activities this club is known for include books and bike helmet giveaways during the year, serving on the Winterfest Committee, providing the insurance required for the event, and organizing the Circus that comes into town every other year. They are the parent organization for Key Club, a student-led high school organization that develops individuals’ hearts to serve and lead their communities. For more information or to learn how you can make a difference in your community through Kiwanis, visit:

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