Christmas Knight Fireworks

Fireworks illuminated the sky above Deer Park near the Airport as Knight Construction held their Christmas celebrations. Doug Knight invited the community to enjoy the firework show. View more photos from the evening below.

The fireworks show started just after 8pm; an advantage of fireworks in the winter is the earlier start times because of reduced daylight. The exciting show lasted about 10 minutes. Several cars were parked on the streets surrounding Knight Constructions buildings. However, traffic was far less congested compared to the City’s Independence Day fireworks display from past years. It has not been determined if this will be an annual event.

Upcoming Fireworks

The City of Deer Park’s annual fireworks was rescheduled to be held during Winterfest 2022 on January 15th instead of Independence Day 2021. The stated reason was concern over high temperatures making the area susceptible to fires.

Consumer Fireworks

Setting off fireworks is legal on December 31st, starting at 5pm until January 1st at 12:30am. Due to city restrictions, no fireworks will be sold in Deer Park this December. Using fireworks is only allowed on private residential properties.

Deer Park has a booming fireworks fan base. The Deer Park Fireworks Facebook group has been growing quickly. The group was created with 4 objectives.

  1. Safety & Education
  2. Protecting the use of consumer fireworks
  3. Improving the culture of Deer Park
  4. Education & Safety


You can join the group at:

Sources: Deer Park Municipal Code

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