Back-On-Track Approach

As they make their way through summer, the Chamber of Commerce has been tediously ironing out details to ensure a back-on-track approach after the recent year with COVID. 

Saturday Markets are back! Guests are presenting lots of feedback, and the Chamber is excited to use that next year to establish a more effective, consistent, and reliable market.

In addition to Saturday Markets, the Chamber has been developing innovative ideas for their Annual Fundraising Gala. This year’s Gala is going to be held at one of the members’ establishments, Mont Lamm Event Center. The goal of this Annual Gala is to raise money to aid success amongst our city’s businesses. The Chamber does this by auctioning off packages that have been graciously donated by members of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as other businesses.

Mont Lamm has offered up a wedding experience. This priceless package takes the stress out of planning the wedding and guides you into creating your dream day. EDGE Drivers Clinic has crafted a Hollywood Stunt Driving experience to donate; as the bid gets higher, more is brought to the table for this package, and it is possible to reach a bid total that will win you a starring role in your own mini-movie,  complete with your very own trailer, catering, craft service, and more! 

This auction is an ideal location to showcase what your business has to offer. If you would like to suggest an idea, please call the Chamber of Commerce Monday-Wednesday from 9am-3pm; they would love to hear, and display your business! If you’re interested in attending the auction, give them a call! 509-276-5900.

Save the Date

Deer Park Chamber of Commerce Annual Fundraiser Gala

September 18th, 2021

5:30pm – 10pm

Mont Lamm Event Center

7501 W Enoch Rd, Clayton, WA 99110

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