Addie Shroyer – The Stars of Miss Deer Park 2021

Though the Miss Deer Park 2021 event is over, we would love to honor all of the contestants and their achievements by showcasing each in their own spotlight article. Please help us congratulate each one of these wonderful young ladies of character.    

Addie Shroyer:  Her parents are Elizabeth and Ken Feser.  Addie is working hard toward becoming a military surgical nurse. She plans on attending a Washington state college that has a good Air Force ROTC program. Addie is active in track and field, volleyball and band, and is a former FFA member. Her favorite TV show is “High Q”.  Her godmother Andrea K. is a person in her life who gave her strength by seeing her endure her own challenges in life.

Check out our results of Miss Deer Park 2021 article here: 
The event was live-streamed by the Deer Park Gazette and can be viewed again here:

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